Thursday, 31 January 2013

Week 65

Bacon-bean bent-to
A bacon - bean - celeriac leaves roll. This was made by frying only half of a slice of bacon. The rest of the bacon was held above the frying pan.
So half was crunchy and the other half was "soft". Then it was rolled up with beans (capucijners in Dutch) and celeriac leaves.

I think it looks kinda pretty!

Capucijners tests
 The can of beans is quite large so there were enough beans to experiment with.
First: Capucijners with Sandwich Spread: Yumm!
Second: Capucijners with blue cheese: very nice.
Third: Capucijners with Japanese rice dressing: nice but a bit strange.

Rose made a "normal" bento for a change
Hello Kitty bento box brought from Asia by our good friend Ilonka! <3
This bento was filled with celeriac stems cut in slices on top of fried mushrooms (fried with garlic, butter, sea salt, freshly ground pepper and a drop of lemon juice.)
In the right trier some broccoli with slices of pork chop. Again standard seasoning. Perhaps some English mustard powder... perhaps some chili... perhaps some MSG. 

Bento Bean experiment with blue cheese made perfect.

This is a stalk of celery filled with blue cheese and topped with brown beans. It tasted very very yummy! (Even though it looks like a flute...)


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