Thursday, 24 January 2013

Week 64

Kids activity: 
preparing little healthy school
bento breaks!
Sliced and diced bananas,
mandarins, kiwi and apple,
put on little sticks
so all little hands will stay clean!

Tasting during preparing is allowed!

Nature's own bento:
stuffed bell pepper (with spicy ground meat), served in a bento with steamed peas and broccoli add some salt flakes and you're fixed for a busy day.


Homemade vegetable soup with meatballs.
Easy to prepare, bottle it, store it and a healthy lunch or dinner. Super easy when one lacks the time!

Rose made a bento with left-overs.
Spaghetti in one trier. 
Spinach - leek - feta cheese in the other trier.  


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