Friday, 16 December 2011

Week 7

This is the last week that we bento this year, 2011.

This week Liz is going to make 90 pieces of french toast for her kids to bring to school for x-mas lunch. So if she takes a picture of it, it will be posted!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Week 6

Rose made for Liz

Last week's bento box was a taste explosion. So this week Rose went easy on flavors.
 This box contains mini mushrooms with a tiny bit a sour flavor. And pesto.

This box contains spaghetti made out of leek, celery sticks and zucchini.  Hazelnuts and blanched basil leaves on the side. To be eaten together with the pesto and mini mushrooms.

 This box contains a vegetables made Maartje style. Eggplant and zucchini made in the oven with lots and lots of parsley. Also with some garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper. And an extra wedge of lemon.

White fish (zeeduivel) made in a packet in the oven with leek, lemon juice, salt and pepper. On top some fennel sprouts.

 *** Have a happy bento day! ***

Liz made for Rose (in the same three layered  bento box)
Sugarsnaps with soy and lightly toasted sesame seeds. Yumm!

In a very cute see though plastic container: home made mayonnaise on a bed of sea salt.

A boiled egg, cooked broccoli with young goat's cheese.

Five pieces of sushi made with cucumber and surimi sticks, drizzled with soy and wasabi. YUMM!

 *** Have a happy bento day! ***

Monday, 5 December 2011

Week 5

Rose made for Liz

This "bento box" was found in a very common drugstore. So I had to use it immediately!
Inside are all experiments, I love to experiment.

This box is a fusion of asian, mexican and Rose cooking. So Week 5 Rose made for Liz:

From top to bottom:
1) sweet and sour beansprouts 2) spanish tortilla or omelet with shrimps, tomatoes and spring onion, beansprouts just steamed shortly (still crispy)

1) toothpicks 2) shirps cooked ceviche style 3) flavored sea salt 4) beansprouts with small fish fried in soy mixture

1) Sour bean strings 2) japanese wasabi mayonaise 3) spring onion 4) tomato flavored seaweed chips.

1) Sticky squid tentacles fried in soy, mirin, honey etc 2) steamed shrimps with sea salt and lemon juice 3) tomato/spring onion salsa 3) fish balls cut in 4, fried with oyster sauce and topped with japanese seawead.

Three times squid:
1) Squid cubes baked in soy but dusted with flour 2) grilled with soy 3) filled with a fishball and tomato and smoked with tealeaves.

 *** Have a happy bento day! ***

Since Rose does not have a steam oven - she created her own - to make the smoked squid filled with shrimps.

 *** Have a Happy Bento Day! ***

Liz made this beautiful box for Rose:

It contained: 2 cookies and lemon wedges on the far left.
Two sushi burgers with sticky rice, cucumber and pata negra hamburgers in heart and flower shapes.
Indian chicken salad with masala spice and mayonaise.
Salad dressing in a see through thing-ma-dig.
Salad to go with the indian chicken and dressing.
Soy beans with cucumber and sesame seeds in a soy-based chinese dressing.

 *** Have a happy bento day! ***

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Week 4

rose made for liz:

first time made: indonesian chicken soup:
sateh made from peanut butter, ketchup, ketjap manis, coconut milk, lime juice, full milk, herbs and Worcester sauce.

first time made: shrimps in a curry made of a lot of stuff. will be named later. 
surinam rice. vegetable called: "kouseband" and cabbage: steamed.

the following photo shows you what it looks like if it is served to a large group of people and one forgets to take a photo... just before it is ALL GONE!! #delighted

what is on the bottom of the picture is  a skewer with chicken and turkey pieces on it. marinated in ketjap manis, ginger root, garlic, onion, yellow root or kurkuma, spring onion, kafir lime leafs, peppercorns, spicy peppers, laos and just before grilling glazed with honey

*** Have a happy bento day! ***

liz also made a gado-gado version for rose!
a f&%#ing PRETTY and CUTE version... taste will be decided on tomorrow! but she DID deliver on the blanching on the veg and the decorations!!

beans and egg decorated with seaweed flowers!

egg with bean  sprouts and seaweed decoration! how  cute!

rice (sticky yeah) with a seaweed flower!

the name "gado gado" is I think from Surinam.  i think "gado" means God. which means that the dish is called "god god" so it must be delish! But how "petjil" got it's name - which is also vegetables and peanut sauce- is a mystery to me. What I DO know is that there is Saté sauce and completely different Peanut Sauce and those get confused a lot in the Netherlands. 

*** Have a happy bento day! ***

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Week 3

Theme: snack around the world   

Rose made for Liz:

Rose made sweet and sour chicken breast with carrots and the leaf of Chinese cabbage.
Rose also added small fried fish but they are not on the picture. Added and seen on the photo: cashew nuts and egg-white omelet with seaweed.

How to make pasta without flour? Strings of vegetables! 

Vegetables used: the heart of the Chinese cabbage, leek and zucchini. Sauce made out of 3 meaty tomatoes, 2 egg yolks, 2 onions, 4 pieces of garlic and 3 bouillon cubes. Accompaniments: grated cheese and basil leaves.

 Tortilla made out of  4 eggs with cubes of: zucchini heart, red bell pepper, smoked bacon (german), leek (the green part), fresh mixed pepper and salt.

*** Have a happy bento day! ***

Liz made for Rose:

bell peppers filled thalos cheese from greece with bell pepper jello cubes. a candle. sweet peas, mini tomaotes and mozzarella flowers. soy sheets filled with sweet and sour shrips and carrot flowers. arborio rice with soy sauce and smoked chicken stars. yumm yummm.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Week 2

Rose made for Liz

(sorry: photo has to be turned.)

this vegetable garden was made (on top of a fake plastic garden) with:

steamed carrot-flowers with ginger hearts.

i tried to fold into a flower:
bacon and smoked meat filled with sour kraut, horseradish and mustard.

flowers made out of steamed broccoli. leaves made out of steamed leek and cheddar cheese.

flowers made out of radishes.

on a stick: flowers made out of chicken steamed with lemon juice, flowers of ricotta cheese and a green olive on top.

flowers of bell pepper "bottoms" filled with tomato jelly and a heart out of steamed chicken

*** Have a happy bento day! *** 

Liz made for Rose

this is the bento box
a small piece of chocolate with red peppercorn as dessert

three compartments inside

the first compartment contained Waldorf salad - yummm!!
the second: broccoli with chicken! yummm

the third: deep-fried sheets of tofu filled with sweet and sour shrimp, on a bed of cucumber salad with sesame seeds! yumm!

really YUMMMM!!! even as breakfast!

*** Have a happy bento day! ***

Week 1

Liz made for Rose

Liz made a wonderful bento box with hearts of vegetable stock jelly on top of rice. Tomato-egg muffin. 2 small zucchini muffins made with chickpea flour. And a tzatziki bubble - made with molecular cooking!!!

Rose made for Liz:

Rose had 3 boxes to fill. 1: shrips with avocado, a "chinese roll" made out of lettuce leafs filled with tomato/onion/parsley mixture.

2: steamed string beans with cubed sour haring (maybe typically dutch?)

3: Spiced (celery leaves, parsley) mini chicken burgers in between "buns" made out of grilled zucchini and stuck on a devilish spike. Again "chinese spring rolls" made out of salad leaves and filled with chicken fingers marinaded in Indian herbs (cumin, coriander seeds, turmeric).

Liz made that week 2!!!! bento boxes (for me). In this one she put: smoked eel. a quart of a lemon. cucumber salad with sesame seeds. salad with a fresh dressing she added in a small plastic bag.  in the plastic box are rolls made out of cream cheese and smoked salmon, surrounded by seaweed and according to her also a piece of  Brussels sprout. But it was DELICIOUS!!