Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Week 2

Rose made for Liz

(sorry: photo has to be turned.)

this vegetable garden was made (on top of a fake plastic garden) with:

steamed carrot-flowers with ginger hearts.

i tried to fold into a flower:
bacon and smoked meat filled with sour kraut, horseradish and mustard.

flowers made out of steamed broccoli. leaves made out of steamed leek and cheddar cheese.

flowers made out of radishes.

on a stick: flowers made out of chicken steamed with lemon juice, flowers of ricotta cheese and a green olive on top.

flowers of bell pepper "bottoms" filled with tomato jelly and a heart out of steamed chicken

*** Have a happy bento day! *** 

Liz made for Rose

this is the bento box
a small piece of chocolate with red peppercorn as dessert

three compartments inside

the first compartment contained Waldorf salad - yummm!!
the second: broccoli with chicken! yummm

the third: deep-fried sheets of tofu filled with sweet and sour shrimp, on a bed of cucumber salad with sesame seeds! yumm!

really YUMMMM!!! even as breakfast!

*** Have a happy bento day! ***

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