Sunday, 19 February 2012

Week 15

Bento box nr. 1   
Bento box nr. 1 contains zucchini spaghetti, vegetarian meatballs, thousand island dressing.

*** Have a Happy Bento Day! ***

Bento box nr. 2

Bento box nr. 2 contains a muffin with icing.
Sausage rolls filled with salad and thousand island dressing.

*** Have a Happy Bento Day! ***

Week 14

Tennis can be boring but a good bento makes everything right!

Soy bean curd sheets filled with red cabbage.

Dried Belgian sausage. Toothpicks. Dried cranberries. Hazelnuts.

2 apple muffins, both cut in half.
4 dates stuffed with truffle cheese.

Napkins and one more soy bean curd sheet filled with red cabbage.


Week 13

Tackle boxes make perfect Bento Boxes!

These tackle boxes are not so big but waterproof. They make a perfect lunch when served with crackers and filled with paté, papadew peppers stuffed with cheese, humus, tzatziki, french dressing, mustard-parsley sausage, and tomato tapenade.

Mireille Guiliano ( wrote a book about why french women do not get fat. It is from eating small portions but tasty small portions. Bento boxes (Tackle-style) are perfect for this kind of lunch!

*** Have a Happy Bento Day!!! ***

Friday, 3 February 2012

Week 12

Rose made "muffins" to fit in the bento box.

First: Eggplant and mixed cheese lasagna muffin

(well that sounds weird but I don't have a better name right now_.

Soy yoghurt with forest berries and grapes.

Greek olives with garlic and feta cheese.


Homemade pate with french bread and coffee!

*** Have a Happy Bento Day!! ***