Sunday, 23 September 2012

Week 49

Contribution from Jasna!

Heart shaped eggs! What a wonderful idea!

Liz made a special bento with zucchini muffins, surimi sticks, fois gras, and on the next row lovely goat's cheese, meat balls on top of julienne cut carrots and zuccini salad. All the sauces were added at the last moment and need to be specified later.

Rose made for Liz
Egg sunset, pointy coli flour trees, a skyline made of aspergus bean and the land made of steamed ground beef topped with spicy crushed nuts. Served on a bed of steamed carrot strips. In the round container in the left bottom: peanut or satay sauce.

Liz made pomodoro tomato hearts served on a bed of mozzarella. How cute!


Week 48


Liz made for Rose a salad in a jar with an avocado surprise.
A glove was used to hold a spoon. The glove is used to grab the chicken inside.
The spoon is used for eating.

Rose made for herself a cardamom cinnamon rice with satay (or peanut) sauce. Served with fresh basil from the garden (great combination with spicy peanuts) and cucumber slices.

Liz made a second bento for Rose. Liz is really inspired so - why stop? 

It was a beautiful and delicious bento filled with surimi sticks (crab meat sticks) served with super mayonnaise. Broccoli served with peanut or satay sauce powder. And soy noodles. They are made with science tools that Liz loves to experiment with. They look as great as they taste!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Week 47

Endurance or Science versus Presentation or Arts

Rose made for Liz the "Arts Bento"

Small orange bell pepper filled with thousand island dressing. Boiled egg on top of Russian caviar - salmon's eggs (thanks to Genja). Cucumber filled with smoked mackerel filet and sour cream (decoration: baby chives).

Sushi "leaf" made with poached leek, filling of steamed mackerel pate made with sour cream, freshly ground mixed pepper and lemon. "Spaghetti" made from torn surimi sticks and carrot spaghetti (inspiration "Just Bento").

Two skewers of two types of seafood (prawns and crayfish) on a salsa verde made from basil and parsley leaves with sea salt, lemon juice and good olive oil.

Liz made for Rose the "Science Bento": a salad in a jar. Because the salad is vacuumed (inspiration: it can be kept longer.

From the bottom up: Dressing with balsamic vinegar. A couple of mini buffalo mozzarella balls. Julienne cut carrots and radishes. Mini Roma tomatoes and salad on top. 

On the side of the jar is a spork. 

Rose also made apple-cheese muffins. This is a great way to eat up all sorts of little bits of cheese and it is a much more fun way of eating breakfast. It can also be served with both bentos of this week.


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Week 46

Week 46 

We are full on back into bento business! 

On Sunday Rose delivers a bento to Liz. On Wednesday Liz makes a bento for Rose. We try to make low carb, low fat, low sugar but full flavor bento boxes. This way we can experiment with flavors and presentation. We eat more vegetables and find more ways to let the kids eat vegetables in a fun way.

Blanched carrots with a topping made from finely chopped dried cranberries mixed with Celtic sea salt and freshly ground mixed pepper.

Cured herring (with a hint of jalapeno pepper) because a whole pepper was put in the vinegar  a couple weeks ago) mixed with white onion and cream.

Blanched broad beans (or fava beans) with chopped pecan nuts.

The next day left overs. Blanched carrots without the lovely dressing. A mix of the herring and beat root salad. A vegetarian meat ball.
This bento consists of finely sliced salad, cucumber spaghetti, boiled egg, dried french sausage pieces, cow's cheese (mature) with truffle on top, spiced peanuts, dressing (balsamic) in a bag and mini roma tomatoes.
Later some slices of fresh cheese - salmon rolls were added on the diced salad. Yumm!!