Monday, 10 September 2012

Week 47

Endurance or Science versus Presentation or Arts

Rose made for Liz the "Arts Bento"

Small orange bell pepper filled with thousand island dressing. Boiled egg on top of Russian caviar - salmon's eggs (thanks to Genja). Cucumber filled with smoked mackerel filet and sour cream (decoration: baby chives).

Sushi "leaf" made with poached leek, filling of steamed mackerel pate made with sour cream, freshly ground mixed pepper and lemon. "Spaghetti" made from torn surimi sticks and carrot spaghetti (inspiration "Just Bento").

Two skewers of two types of seafood (prawns and crayfish) on a salsa verde made from basil and parsley leaves with sea salt, lemon juice and good olive oil.

Liz made for Rose the "Science Bento": a salad in a jar. Because the salad is vacuumed (inspiration: it can be kept longer.

From the bottom up: Dressing with balsamic vinegar. A couple of mini buffalo mozzarella balls. Julienne cut carrots and radishes. Mini Roma tomatoes and salad on top. 

On the side of the jar is a spork. 

Rose also made apple-cheese muffins. This is a great way to eat up all sorts of little bits of cheese and it is a much more fun way of eating breakfast. It can also be served with both bentos of this week.


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  1. rose, only one criticism: you've got the weeknumbers totally wrong, c'mon week 47 that means the year is almost over.... Of course your bento was far much better than mine!