Thursday, 6 September 2012

Week 46

Week 46 

We are full on back into bento business! 

On Sunday Rose delivers a bento to Liz. On Wednesday Liz makes a bento for Rose. We try to make low carb, low fat, low sugar but full flavor bento boxes. This way we can experiment with flavors and presentation. We eat more vegetables and find more ways to let the kids eat vegetables in a fun way.

Blanched carrots with a topping made from finely chopped dried cranberries mixed with Celtic sea salt and freshly ground mixed pepper.

Cured herring (with a hint of jalapeno pepper) because a whole pepper was put in the vinegar  a couple weeks ago) mixed with white onion and cream.

Blanched broad beans (or fava beans) with chopped pecan nuts.

The next day left overs. Blanched carrots without the lovely dressing. A mix of the herring and beat root salad. A vegetarian meat ball.
This bento consists of finely sliced salad, cucumber spaghetti, boiled egg, dried french sausage pieces, cow's cheese (mature) with truffle on top, spiced peanuts, dressing (balsamic) in a bag and mini roma tomatoes.
Later some slices of fresh cheese - salmon rolls were added on the diced salad. Yumm!!


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