Sunday, 23 September 2012

Week 48


Liz made for Rose a salad in a jar with an avocado surprise.
A glove was used to hold a spoon. The glove is used to grab the chicken inside.
The spoon is used for eating.

Rose made for herself a cardamom cinnamon rice with satay (or peanut) sauce. Served with fresh basil from the garden (great combination with spicy peanuts) and cucumber slices.

Liz made a second bento for Rose. Liz is really inspired so - why stop? 

It was a beautiful and delicious bento filled with surimi sticks (crab meat sticks) served with super mayonnaise. Broccoli served with peanut or satay sauce powder. And soy noodles. They are made with science tools that Liz loves to experiment with. They look as great as they taste!

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