Sunday, 23 September 2012

Week 49

Contribution from Jasna!

Heart shaped eggs! What a wonderful idea!

Liz made a special bento with zucchini muffins, surimi sticks, fois gras, and on the next row lovely goat's cheese, meat balls on top of julienne cut carrots and zuccini salad. All the sauces were added at the last moment and need to be specified later.

Rose made for Liz
Egg sunset, pointy coli flour trees, a skyline made of aspergus bean and the land made of steamed ground beef topped with spicy crushed nuts. Served on a bed of steamed carrot strips. In the round container in the left bottom: peanut or satay sauce.

Liz made pomodoro tomato hearts served on a bed of mozzarella. How cute!


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