Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Week 11

Liz made for het daughter's birthday party almost 35 cupcakes with flower lollipops. 

*** Have a Happy Bento Day! ***

Rose made for Liz a super healthy spaghetti bento made using the spiral slicer

Stewed beef with spaghetti made from carrot and winter radish (a.k.a.  rettich or daikon).

Spaghetti made from zucchini topped with egg-white omelet strips.

Spaghetti sauce made from celery, carrots and tomatoes.

In the plastic bag: home made pesto with basil, pepito mix nuts (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and pine nuts), olive oil and three types of cheese (dutch goat's cheese (young and aged version) and dutch cow's cheese, aged).

*** Have a happy Bento day! ***

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Week 10

Rose made for herself (because Liz is on a businesstrip)

This bento box contains 2 types of broccoli, 2 types of stoofvlees (boiled beef?), and two kids of rice.

Methods of preparation 
1) Steamed (added some salt and pepper for flavor).
2) Egg white omelet with broccoli. Flavored with soy sauce.

1) Cooked in rice cooker sent from Taiwan by Chrisitne.
2) Risotto style rice cooked with white wine, brown beer, truffle and soy cream.

1) Broiled beef in brown beer (Heineken Oud Bruin), flavored with onion, garlic, jenever berries, bay leaf and dutch ginger bread (crumbled). Recipe from nice woman at the supermarket.
2) Broiled beef in brown beer (see above), Indonesian boemboe (spicemix),  apple butter or apple spread, white wine, chili powdered, garlic, ginger (fresh, grated),  sereh stick.

*** Have a Happy Bento Day! ***

Monday, 9 January 2012

Week 9

Rose made for Liz a GIANT bento box.

This is too much too eat in 4 lunches, but anyway...

From top to bottom from left to right:

Row 1:
Dutch Sushi (salty haring) with beetroot and onion salad. Beetroot - haring: 3:1.
Piece of fried salmon. Beetroot cubes in balsamic vinegar. Zuccini with turkish spices, sliced fresh cranberries and juice from a, dutch style, poached pear.

Row 2:
Mixed diced nuts with dried cranberries. Chicory salad made with horseraddish and italian mayonaise (2x). White firm fish, fried.

Row 3:
Fried salmon. Beetroot cubes in a dressing made from poached cranberries, prunes and some sugar. A poached pear, dutch style. Beetroot cubes poached in ginger syrup.

Row 4:
Cherry tomatoes. Chicory salad with tomato caviar and pieces of fried salmon. (No dressing. Yummie 'cuz the little tomatoes are a burst of flavor!)

Close up of (going clock-wise starting upper left):
Chicory salad. Mixed nuts with dried cranberries. Haring-beetroot-onion salad. Fried salmon pieces.

Lunch Bento Box - revision

Because this bento was WAY to BIG, Rose selected some foods and created a smaller lunch bento box version.

Chicory salad with salmon and tomato caviar (half of the portion). Chicory-mayonnaise salad.
Row 2: Fried salmon. Beetroot cubes in balsamic. Nuts and cranberries. Fried white fish.
(The haring-beetroot salad on crackers needed to be eaten soon so I had it as a part of my dinneer.)

Close up of Rose's lunch from the left.

Close up of Rose's lunch from the right.
(Rose is experimenting with food photography - it is quite difficult to make the pictures look as good as in real life...)

And for breakfast: perfect!
Beetroot with ginger syrup. Beetroot cubes with cranberry. Poached pears. Zucchini salad! Yumm!

*** Have a Happy Bento Day! ***

Rose made a bento of normal size.

Rose made a very simple box. Chicory with dried cranberries. Garlic-Mayonaise
Vegetarian Meat Balls cut in four, also with dried cranberries. Romano tomatoes, small. Goats cheese.

It is a long day so Rose decided to add some typically dutch candy, drop, in a very special Hello Kitty bag brought to her by her good friend Ilonka! :-)

*** Have a Happy Bento Day! ***

Liz made for her daughter's B-day:

(The brown muffins - shaped like a flower pot - are missing. When the picture was made.)

*** Have a happy bento day! ***

Week 8

Santa came to town this week ;-)

He came with some bubbly wine....

He came to party... he came to rock...

He came to roll...

He had a little smoke...

And then had to go...