Monday, 9 January 2012

Week 9

Rose made for Liz a GIANT bento box.

This is too much too eat in 4 lunches, but anyway...

From top to bottom from left to right:

Row 1:
Dutch Sushi (salty haring) with beetroot and onion salad. Beetroot - haring: 3:1.
Piece of fried salmon. Beetroot cubes in balsamic vinegar. Zuccini with turkish spices, sliced fresh cranberries and juice from a, dutch style, poached pear.

Row 2:
Mixed diced nuts with dried cranberries. Chicory salad made with horseraddish and italian mayonaise (2x). White firm fish, fried.

Row 3:
Fried salmon. Beetroot cubes in a dressing made from poached cranberries, prunes and some sugar. A poached pear, dutch style. Beetroot cubes poached in ginger syrup.

Row 4:
Cherry tomatoes. Chicory salad with tomato caviar and pieces of fried salmon. (No dressing. Yummie 'cuz the little tomatoes are a burst of flavor!)

Close up of (going clock-wise starting upper left):
Chicory salad. Mixed nuts with dried cranberries. Haring-beetroot-onion salad. Fried salmon pieces.

Lunch Bento Box - revision

Because this bento was WAY to BIG, Rose selected some foods and created a smaller lunch bento box version.

Chicory salad with salmon and tomato caviar (half of the portion). Chicory-mayonnaise salad.
Row 2: Fried salmon. Beetroot cubes in balsamic. Nuts and cranberries. Fried white fish.
(The haring-beetroot salad on crackers needed to be eaten soon so I had it as a part of my dinneer.)

Close up of Rose's lunch from the left.

Close up of Rose's lunch from the right.
(Rose is experimenting with food photography - it is quite difficult to make the pictures look as good as in real life...)

And for breakfast: perfect!
Beetroot with ginger syrup. Beetroot cubes with cranberry. Poached pears. Zucchini salad! Yumm!

*** Have a Happy Bento Day! ***

Rose made a bento of normal size.

Rose made a very simple box. Chicory with dried cranberries. Garlic-Mayonaise
Vegetarian Meat Balls cut in four, also with dried cranberries. Romano tomatoes, small. Goats cheese.

It is a long day so Rose decided to add some typically dutch candy, drop, in a very special Hello Kitty bag brought to her by her good friend Ilonka! :-)

*** Have a Happy Bento Day! ***

Liz made for her daughter's B-day:

(The brown muffins - shaped like a flower pot - are missing. When the picture was made.)

*** Have a happy bento day! ***