Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Week 10

Rose made for herself (because Liz is on a businesstrip)

This bento box contains 2 types of broccoli, 2 types of stoofvlees (boiled beef?), and two kids of rice.

Methods of preparation 
1) Steamed (added some salt and pepper for flavor).
2) Egg white omelet with broccoli. Flavored with soy sauce.

1) Cooked in rice cooker sent from Taiwan by Chrisitne.
2) Risotto style rice cooked with white wine, brown beer, truffle and soy cream.

1) Broiled beef in brown beer (Heineken Oud Bruin), flavored with onion, garlic, jenever berries, bay leaf and dutch ginger bread (crumbled). Recipe from nice woman at the supermarket.
2) Broiled beef in brown beer (see above), Indonesian boemboe (spicemix),  apple butter or apple spread, white wine, chili powdered, garlic, ginger (fresh, grated),  sereh stick.

*** Have a Happy Bento Day! ***

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