Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Week 45

Summer holiday is over! Liz and Rose are back with the weekly Bento Presents!

 Rose made for Liz:

Zucchini spaghetti, Italian-style baked onion rings with balsamic vinegar syrup. The bottom of the Bento is filled with vegetarian meatballs (pre-fab out of a packet), tomatoes from of the garden, spicy sausage from Croatia and pesto made from rocket, Parmesan, celery leaves, very good Moroccan olive oil (gift from Jasna), garlic and Celtic sea salt.

 Liz made very wonderful vegetable pancakes.
For her kids with regular flour. For us with soy flour, chickpea flour and eggs.

There are many ways of serving these deliciously healthy vegetable pancakes.

Rose folded the pancakes in a Rastafarian color scheme which was enhanced by the color of the Bento box. Cream cheese was put in the other container of the Bento box and the wooden spoon gives the Bento a cute rustic look.

 Liz made veggie-sushi by rolling them up really pretty with cream cheese inside. The tomato and leeks made for a nice color contrast. This way kids LOVE to eat vegetables. The kept asking for more!


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