Saturday, 25 August 2012

Week 44

Bento filled night with new friends

Chef: Jasna
Sous-chefs: Diana, Jan, Richard and Rose

Thai rice paper egg rolls. Filling made of minced beef with "Yugoslavian" spices (Vegeta -  the spicy kind), mango slices, thin rice noodles, shredded cucumber and a sauce made from Japanese mayonnaise, juzu juice and wasabi.

Blanched slices of yellow zucchini make the outside of this food roll. The filling exists of raw fresh salmon, blanched samphire, beetroot sprouts (very fresh and spicy) and black sesame seeds. Topped with Japanese rice topping.

Cabbage rolls filled with slices of kebab (beef sausages made with "Yugoslavian" spices named Vegeta), beetroot sprouts, par boiled green asparagus, sliced yellow bell pepper and  Japanese mayonnaise dressing (see Thai rice paper egg rolls for ingredients). The cabbage is dipped (for a minute or so) in boiling water so it can bend without breaking.

The table after all the dishes were made.

Rice paper was also filled with salmon, cucumber, rice noodles, beetroot sprouts and mayonnaise. The end result is the most left bamboo boat in the next picture. Diane made this dish up. (Jasna made all the other dishes up!) (Oh, except the egg...)

It was a wonderful evening!

*** Have a Happy Bento Day!!! ***

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