Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Week 1

Liz made for Rose

Liz made a wonderful bento box with hearts of vegetable stock jelly on top of rice. Tomato-egg muffin. 2 small zucchini muffins made with chickpea flour. And a tzatziki bubble - made with molecular cooking!!!

Rose made for Liz:

Rose had 3 boxes to fill. 1: shrips with avocado, a "chinese roll" made out of lettuce leafs filled with tomato/onion/parsley mixture.

2: steamed string beans with cubed sour haring (maybe typically dutch?)

3: Spiced (celery leaves, parsley) mini chicken burgers in between "buns" made out of grilled zucchini and stuck on a devilish spike. Again "chinese spring rolls" made out of salad leaves and filled with chicken fingers marinaded in Indian herbs (cumin, coriander seeds, turmeric).

Liz made that week 2!!!! bento boxes (for me). In this one she put: smoked eel. a quart of a lemon. cucumber salad with sesame seeds. salad with a fresh dressing she added in a small plastic bag.  in the plastic box are rolls made out of cream cheese and smoked salmon, surrounded by seaweed and according to her also a piece of  Brussels sprout. But it was DELICIOUS!!

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