Monday, 5 December 2011

Week 5

Rose made for Liz

This "bento box" was found in a very common drugstore. So I had to use it immediately!
Inside are all experiments, I love to experiment.

This box is a fusion of asian, mexican and Rose cooking. So Week 5 Rose made for Liz:

From top to bottom:
1) sweet and sour beansprouts 2) spanish tortilla or omelet with shrimps, tomatoes and spring onion, beansprouts just steamed shortly (still crispy)

1) toothpicks 2) shirps cooked ceviche style 3) flavored sea salt 4) beansprouts with small fish fried in soy mixture

1) Sour bean strings 2) japanese wasabi mayonaise 3) spring onion 4) tomato flavored seaweed chips.

1) Sticky squid tentacles fried in soy, mirin, honey etc 2) steamed shrimps with sea salt and lemon juice 3) tomato/spring onion salsa 3) fish balls cut in 4, fried with oyster sauce and topped with japanese seawead.

Three times squid:
1) Squid cubes baked in soy but dusted with flour 2) grilled with soy 3) filled with a fishball and tomato and smoked with tealeaves.

 *** Have a happy bento day! ***

Since Rose does not have a steam oven - she created her own - to make the smoked squid filled with shrimps.

 *** Have a Happy Bento Day! ***

Liz made this beautiful box for Rose:

It contained: 2 cookies and lemon wedges on the far left.
Two sushi burgers with sticky rice, cucumber and pata negra hamburgers in heart and flower shapes.
Indian chicken salad with masala spice and mayonaise.
Salad dressing in a see through thing-ma-dig.
Salad to go with the indian chicken and dressing.
Soy beans with cucumber and sesame seeds in a soy-based chinese dressing.

 *** Have a happy bento day! ***

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