Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Week 62

Liz and Rose had a catching up and making bento's up evening. This is the result.

Steamed broccoli topped with carrot and ginger mousse. The mousse is very lovey on its own but it can be served (hot or cold) with many things because of its "warm" quality.

Carrots: cooked in broth and roasted in the oven.
Garlic: cooked in broth and roasted in the oven.
Ginger: cooked in broth.
I think for "warmth" sesame oil was added.

The "flavor feeling" can be compared to the Dutch or Surinam or Indonesian peanut sauce.

Previously mentioned squid and Chinese cabbage sweet and sour salad presented on a celeryleaf.

A cracker topped with a topping that is a bit like a Rambol cheese. It is made of sour cream, real butter and freshly opened walnuts. And of course some sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

Chicory leaf topped with Dutch shrimps, guacamole (homemade with avocado, lemon juice, crushed garlic, salt and pepper) and topped with trenches of spicy red pepper.

Chicory leaf with tuna salad with a black olive.

A "boat" made out of fennel topped with the same tuna salad (per-packed but very yummy and scrumptious).

Fennel "boat" topped with the same guacamole, shrimp, pepper mixture.
ad on a celery


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