Friday, 17 May 2013

Week 82

This week we started the week with a bento made from left over from Indian take out. Yummy butter chicken, lamb madras, lamb vindaloo with rice and naan bread. The box itself is made for tools but it is actually perfect for bento making!

Liz made for Rose a box with smoked chicken breast, tomatoes, endive and two types of tabbouleh salad. It is best to put it all on a plate and eat it like a salad.

Rose made for Liz a very similar bento.
Tomatoes on basil leaves.
A roll as shown in the round photograph on the bottom.
Tomatoes: decapitated and filled with cooked broad bean, half a feta cube and a small basil leave.
On the bottom: Smoked chicken breast topped with feta cubes and broad beans.
It is best to just mix it all on a plate and eat it
as a salad.


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