Sunday, 5 May 2013

Week 80

This bento was made with the "repeat the ingredients principle". Core ingredients:
fresh mint leaves, freshly ground coriander seeds, Spanish olive oil (first pressing, extra virgin), freshly opened walnuts, a very ripe mango and a very ripe mandarin (skin and juice).

French beans and walnuts were steamed. Seasoning: freshly ground coriander seeds.
Tomato sauce: Roma tomatoes, mint, coriander, oil, mandarin juice, mango.
Mango sauce: mango, red chili pepper (with seeds), mint, oil, mandarin juice.
Spaghetti (Barilla) cooked, cooled and stir fried with garlic, nam pla (Thai fish sauce), mint.
Steamed white fish (Tilapia from Ecuador), mango, coriander and grated peel of a mandarin, mint.

Holland has a new king! Our queen Beatrix abdicated April 30th 2013.

We celebrated this event far away from our busy city, in Drenthe. The scenery is stunning and hiking is amazing in that area.


Also amazing in that area is the amount of free range chicken farms! So good to see!

These farms put "eggs for sale" alongside the road. We bought some fresh eggs.

Back in the city we did a taste test. Biological free range eggs from the supermarket or the ones we bought alongside the road. Compliments to the supermarkets! They both tasted great!


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