Sunday, 12 May 2013

Week 81

This week we had some healthy bentos and some wine. 

This salad bento is made with chicory and roma salad leaves. Topped with smoked ham and feta cheese cubes. Simple, tasty and healthy.

These glasses of wine are SO BENTO!
Liz found them in France.

This vegetarian bento consists of:
left: spicy red curry with vegetarian meat balls and string beans covered with fried onions.
middle: egg noodles fried with kurkuma or kunjit or yellow root and covered with sesame seeds.
right: Chinese style stir fried white cabbage (soy, nam pla or thai fish sauce, something sweet and garlic.) Also covered with sesame seeds.

Nice and light and very tasty.
My colleague Charly came over to ask: "What smells so good?"


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