Thursday, 20 December 2012

Week 59

This week: some of my favorite ingredients- that for some reason not very many other people seem to love - AVOCADO AND PULPO! <3
In my favorite bento box brought from Japan by one of my favorite girlfriends - Ilonka! <3

It is a quite simple dish but the combination of salt - pepper and sweet - sour just makes the salad!

Avocado is sliced and topped with lime juice, fleur de sel salt and freshly ground pepper.
Pulpo is cooked (for quite some time) in red wine with a cork, garlic and onion.
Then cooled, stripped of all the tentacles, cut into pieces, dressed with lime juice - fleur de sel salt - freshly ground mixed pepper - Turkish spices (sumac) -extra virgin olive oil. And something sweet - a pinch of cane sugar. Leave to cool overnight. Yumm!


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