Saturday, 8 December 2012

Week 57

The Dutch are known for their cheese. 
But: Mussels are a Dutch delicacy! 
Mussels can be eaten when there is an "R" in the name of the month. 
Obviously this rule applies to the Dutch language. 

My good friend Frans is a wonderful (and sometimes experimental or crazy) cook. This time we ate wonderful mussels. In a spicy coconut sauce.

Pulpo (octopus)

One of my favorite "fishy thingies" is octopus.
I cook it for quite some time in red wine (preferably high in tannin), some sour element, garlic, jalapeño pepper, onion and some flavorings to taste. This time I also added a cork (from a bottle of wine). I read somewhere that that would make the octopus even less chewy. And I did feel that it was softer than previous times. Although I don't mind chewy.

I peel the octopus and cut it into bite size pieces. One trier was with cream cheese and black pepper.

The dark trier was with lemon juice and sea salt.

I ended up mixing them both.

Delicious salad!


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