Saturday, 8 December 2012

Week 56

Using fall and winter flavors is a great way to use produce of the season.
It is economical and it suits the body.

The white trier is filled with a red cabbage salad. Topped with flakes of smoked trout and rings of leek.

The red cabbage salad is a recipe from Angelique Schmeinck of the Dutch food channel 24kitchen. The cabbage is sliced thinly. Lukewarm olive oil is poured over it. Flavorings can be garlic, pepper, salt and thyme. But I vary every time. Since cabbage keeps so well I use a small bit every time and experiment.
It has become one of my favorite salads!

The brown trier is filled with semolina and topped with a red port sauce and more rings of leek.

This bento box was brought from Asia by my good friend Ilonka. It is my favorite bento box. The volume, the colors, the triers and the seal are all perfect!

This bento has more the feel of
a warm day in fall. 

Chicory leaves used as boats to travel delicicous seafood into my mouth. The chicory boats are filled with crab salad, crayfish and topped with pomegranate seeds and finely sliced jalapeno pepper.

This combination is surprisingly wonderful!

The tower of Pizza! (This is a bit of joke...)

In cooking class the kids made macaroni, tomato sauce, leek rings, cooked mushrooms and grated cheese.

We made so much food- we couldn't eat it all at school.
Also it was so tasty the kids wanted to take some macaroni home to let their family members taste it too!

Each child was allowed to create their own cups of macaroni! So they could pile the cups any way they wanted. And me too! :-)

Since we don't have a lot of means they brought the macaroni back in plastic cups. By the time I got home, my macaroni was cold.
I put it in the fridge and wanted to reheat it the next day. I tipped it over and - thanks to all the Gouda cheese - I had a little macaroni tower! It is as crooked as the tower of pizza! (XD)

This is a bento for working at home.

Some left over semolina. Salad made with avocado, sliced red onion, garlic and pomegranate seeds. Slices of left over venison.


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