Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Week 36

To stay in Home Bento

(Like, I don't wanna leave the house...
but eat a decent meal anyway... what do I have in the cupboard?)

This Bento was made to stay in home. It contains:
Cooked white rice, tofu meatballs (cut into pieces and fried with vetsin or MSG - which some people disapprove of but sometimes I love the flavor- to taste like bacon bits), spring onions, sweet and sour vegetables (carrots) with mock duck. (For extra product info check the pictures. Some products, like the soy meatballs and the mock duck, I only like from one brand).

Sweet and sour sauce - easy style - thai salad vegetables from a jar (atjar taugé or pickled vegetables) tomato puree from a can, ketchup, sweet soy sauce and something to spice things up.



Bellow Bean Bento Box - Bummy! :-p

This bento is a very cute shape. It is very simple - veggie meat balls cut in squares and garden peas in the shell.

Bimple, Bovely and Berry Bice Basting!


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