Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Week 38

Bento for final day at Art Gallery "de Witte Slagerij".

Tomatoes from "Dirk's garden".

Tofu spread made with samphire. Love it! Especially with some mayo on toast! :-P

"Sushi" made with tofu, tomato and "nori" made out of aster leaves. "The most delicious snack of all". (If I may quote Hay).

"Sushi" made from samphire and tomatoes in an egg "nori". Very nice, if I may say so!

And of course: red wine!


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  1. om een vraag te beantwoorden die we via mail hebben gehad:

    lamsoren en zeekraal. dat zijn de benamingen van sea aster en samphire in het nederlands.