Thursday, 18 April 2013

Week 76

This bento box has the cutest color. It was found in a shop for fishing gear.

In Holland one has to be creative about finding bento boxes, because most lunch boxes here are either 1) too big or 2) only made for bread. See, the Dutch are big bread and cheese eaters. It is a cliche but it is true. Hence most lunch boxes that can be bought are suited for bread... with cheese.

Ingredients for this bento include chicken filet and Romano salad.
The salad leaves were dressed with a newly discovered (and immediately loved) herb: fresh mint.
The chicken is accompanied by freshly opened walnut pieces.

The chicken breast was cut into cubes and baked with a sauce that would make one feel warm, because the weather in Holland is dreadfully cold right now. The sauce is based on Mexican mole.

A warm feel can also be done with peanut or satay sauce but I wanted to see if the chocolate sauce my brother gave me would also be good to cook with. And it is. :-)


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