Thursday, 18 April 2013

Week 75

This two trier bento was made for my friend Simone.

She is vegetarian and I had bought some boiled peanuts. I had NO idea what boiled peanuts were.
I saw a can of them in some "toko" and thought: let's try that! (Curious? Check this link:

This bento uses the flavors: carrot, broccoli, orange (or mandarin), egg, tofu, nuts and cheese. 
The different flavors are repeated in different mixtures in the different compounds of the dish.

Peanuts were pealed then mixed with tofu and cooked broccoli stem cut in little cubes.
The mixture was put in a ring. Egg white was poured over it. Then cooked on a low heat with the lid on the pan. The combination is very yummy!

Carrots were roast in the oven. Garlic and spicy red peppers also, but in separate parcels.

Little green "pearls" were cut of the top of the broccoli flower and were put aside. Mandarin parts (!) were peeled (!) and the little compartments ("parcels") of juice and the juice were put aside.

The roasted vegetables were mashed and put through a sieve to create a REALLY smooth mash. Next the nice little pearls and parcels were added. Also the mandarin juice. Finely chopped mint leaves and rock salt were added to really finish the mash.

To fill the bottom trier of the bento box the sponge-like, Spanish omelet with the soft earthy nuts was placed on top of the creamy, fresh, orange mash.

A great combination!

Broccoli parts were steamed (also the cubes that are in the omelet are steamed, to retain color and flavor).

Two types of vegetarian cheese,  walnuts, whole mint leaves and pomegranate seeds.

The left over egg yolks were used to make a mayonnaise. The mayonnaise was flavored with mint, rock salt and mandarin juice.

Other ingredients include: mustard, lemon juice, two types of oil and freshly ground black pepper.

And this is what it looks like on a plate!
(This way the peanuts can be seen).

I loved the combination egg-boiled peanuts with the carrot mash so much, I recreated a lunch for myself the next day.


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