Sunday, 28 October 2012

Week 52

Eating sushi and sashimi with Sanne @ Wasabi.

Rose made for Liz a bento with:
- cream cheese and a celery-stick boat filled with Russian caviar.
- Speck (from the Dutch Sealand) and a pickled onion.
- Fig jam and two pieces of celerystick.
- Wild boar pate (to go with the jam).
- Roast beef "flowers" (to go with the cocoa balsamic vinegar in the last box).
- Truffle cheese.

Liz made for Rose a bento filled with game stew, red cabbage and mushroom risotto with truffle.

Liz was cooking for husband her four kids AND all the visitors because they celebrated early Halloween AND it was her husbands birthday.

So Rose ALSO got a large but not so chic "bento". The same ingredients just in a different package.

We are trying to find our own way of making lunches that are perhaps not the typical bento but lunches that are:
- easy-to-carry, fun to eat.
- healthy, tasty, nutritious and excellent for losing weight.
- can feed a family (next to having a busy job).

So is this also bento?

To us it is. It is a meal that can easily be taken on a trip.
Is it cooking cute? In a black box more so than in a plastic bag but still the answer is: no.

And this is a very bento pile of rocks. Don't you think? 


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