Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Week 52

This bento was made using three separate boxes. One two trier box with assorted salad leaves and chicken on the top trier. The box with the lime-green top contained mayonnaise-yoghurt dressing with freshly ground pepper. The other box contained assorted nuts with popcorn seasoning and two small pieces of cheese.

Here are two ways of presenting the same vegetarian food.

Top picutre: Vegetarian meatball and a steamed piece of green cauliflower. Potatoes with popcorn seasoning (butter and cheddar) and with Japanese rice seasoning. Carrots with popcorn and Japanese seasoning. Cabbage leaf rolls filled with prune and cheese.
The bottom picture contains the same foods and some extras. Extra being the egg and the little soy sauce - sesame oil dressing in the cute dispenser with the pig's head. (Brought from Japan by our good friend Ilonka).

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