Thursday, 22 November 2012

Week 54

Week 54 was a busy week. The bento's are a way of presenting food - whether it is for taking out or enjoying inside. 

This is a "Tapas Table Bento" with per-packed cheese, celery sticks cut in pieces with trenches of  French & Spanish dried sausages with assorted nuts, dried dates filled with blue cheese, pate of wild boar made with cognac, olives with cubes of feta cheese and in the last bowl a mix of pickled onions and peppers.

Students made these "bento" hearts in cooking class! Oh, how I do love them too!

This is a bento made for pleasuring the memory of the wonderful times in Taiwan.

It consist of jao-zi (dumplings) made with pork and turkey meat. Spiced with 5spice, garlic, onion, soy sauce sesame oil and seeds, basil, water and seasoning.

On the side is a bento with 3 times soy sauce, 1 time jalapeño pepper, wasabi paste and ginger.

It is decorated with celery sticks and leaves, basil leaves and spring onion.

Very yummy!


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