Thursday, 26 April 2012

Week 24

Mexiacan Bento Pile Up.

Bento is not a big thing in Holland. We have to be really creative in finding, creating and composing bento boxes. But we LOVE to do this.

Here is one example which got quite a lot of reactions at my work. It is a baby-milk-powder travel tower (I think that sounds about right) but I use it to make a bento. Because of all the "fuss" I forgot to take a picture before I started eating.

It contained:
Home made guacamole dip. 
Home made frijoles in mole.
Vegetarian meat balls. 
Taco chips. 
A slice of sausage (made by a very good butcher who still does his own butchering next to his store). 

My BFF pointed out that sometimes the photography on this blog is ... well... not appetizing.
She said that in some pictures the food looks like... poo... I can understand her comments.
So I photographed especially for her: frijoles in mole.


Bento Doggy Bag 2

Again: it is not common in Holland to ask for doggy bags. Such a waste of good food. Luckily Chinese restaurants understand doggy bags. So for my second doggy bag bento:
(ordered by my BFF's mom in Chinese so I thínk this bento contains:)
Chinese spinach with red peppers, fried squid, hot sauce and salad with more red peppers.
Fried chicken with more hot sauce and white rice. Yumm!



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